Underwater FireWire Camera (Project web site)
Computer Vision


Project Description:
Raw video capture is required by researchers at the Technion for underwater imaging research. This project's goal was to design and build a custom made, compact digital video camera that would enable capturing raw video sequences in an underwater environment. The camera would allow the diver maximum control over the shooting parameters through a very simple interface. The project utilized a machine vision camera manufactured by Prosilica Inc. to allow for completely raw image data to be captured. Emphasis was put on designing a user interface that's easy to operate underwater and simplifying maintenance and data download for processing after the dive.

  1. Supervisor:
    Tali Treibitz
    Email: ttali@tx.technion.ac.il
  2. Student:
    Ben Herzberg
  3. Field:
    Computer Vision
  4. Visit:
    Project web site
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