Underwater Vision (Project web site)
Computer Vision


Project Description:
  Many factors unique to the underwater environment limit underwater vision. Among them sand coming up from the surface of the sea and blocking sight, plankton and other particles that create fractions in the light returned from objects in the sea etc... These and more make it difficult to observe long distance objects underwater, and a kind of a curtain is formed over all pictures. This curtain is percieved thicker as the object lies further away.
In this project the students used Matlab to implement a specific algorithm suggested by Dr. Yoav Shechner for dehazing underwater pictures. The project required defining the keys and environmental conditions to ensure the algorithm's success.

  1. Supervisor:
    Einav Namer
    Phone: 04-8293319
    Email: einav@ee.technion.ac.il

  2. Students:
    Yoni Netzer and Mudi Fluman
  3. Field:
    Computer Vision
  4. Visit:
    Project web site
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