Real-time Shadow Mapping (Project web site)
Computer Graphics in 3-Dimensions


Project Description:
  OpenGL lights do not automatically compute shadows. There are many ways to compute shadows. In this project the student implements an efficient real-time hardware accelerated method for rendering high-quality, antialiased shadows for complex scenes using the shadow mapping technique. The whole project is implemented with OpenSceneGraph library using shaders' mechanism. The implementation includes both, CG and GLSL shader languages. The project will be implemented using C++, GPU programming, Open Scene Graph library, and in cooperation with the electro optical visualization section in Rafael, Missile Division.

  1. Supervisor:
    Doron Tal
    Phone: 04-8295741
  2. Student:
    Igor Naigovzin
  3. Field:
    Computer Graphics in 3-Dimensions
  4. Visit:
    Project web site
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