IMAGE FUSION ,Using Laplacian Pyramid methods











Supervised by Einav Namer


The data structure used to represent image information can be critical to the successful completion of an image processing task. One structure that has attracted considerable attention is the image pyramid. This consists of a set of low-pass or band-pass copies of an image, representing pattern information of different scales.


In this project we utilize a variety of pyramid methods developed for image data compression, enhancement, Analysis, and graphic. The applications implemented in this project are:

Image compression, Multi-Focus composition, Boundary Detection, and Image Mosaics.



1.    Image compression




2.    Multi-Focus composite image

3.    Image Mosaics

Related Documentation

Project report [PDF 1.4MB]

PowerPoint slides [PowerPoint 6.5MB]

Pyramid Encoding & Compression Source Files [Zip 1.2MB]

Boundary Detect Source Files [Zip 420KB]

Multi-Focus Composition Source Files [Zip 7.1MB]

Image Mosaics Source Files [Zip 1.2MB]