Hole In the Wall Game
Computer Vision


Project Description:

The idea is to create a game similar to the crazy Japanese gameshow called Brain Wall. The game will consist of two players, henceforth called "The Lazy Bum" and "The Fool", each playing a unique roll, and taking turns while doing so. The Lazy Bum will sit on a couch holding an android operated machine (Alternative: Operated via Microsoft SmartGlass; to be determined.) and will draw a shape that will have to abide by certain constrains (size and shape; to be determined), as depicted in the figure.

Once The Lazy Bum clicks "okay" and the system checks that the photo drawn is of proper shape and size regulations, the image is then transferred to the main server (PC or other, possibly via Bluetooth; to be determined)

.It then appears on the main screen for a short while, giving the effect of "getting closer" to The Fool, via enlarging the image. The skeleton of The Fool is also shown on screen.

Project Goal:

In this project we will develop and implement an application.

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Hovav Gazit
    Email: hovav@ee.technion.ac.il

  2. Field:
    Computer Vision
  3. Requirements:
    Open mind & High engineering ability
  4. Project status:
    Taken by the students Yuval Gonczarowski and Tomer Stark
  5. Visit:
    Project web site
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