Sketch a Map
Computer Graphics in 2-Dimensions


Project Description:

Hand-designed destination maps include only the most important roads in the region and are non-uniformly scaled to ensure that all of the important roads from the highways to the residential streets are visible.
In this project we will automatically design a hand-designed destination maps out of a map from Google Maps.

Project Goal:

In order to build a hand-designed destination maps we will first obtain from Google Maps information regarding the roads in the examined area. Then, we will develop a decision rule to decide which road should be drawn. Finally, a sketched map will be drawn. Several sketch techniques will be examined.

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Gur Harray

  2. Field:
    Computer Graphics in 2-Dimensions
  3. Requirements:
    Image Processing
  4. Project status:
    Taken by the students Tomer Kochai and Or Feller
  5. Visit:
    Project web site
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