Registering images to 3D Models
Computer Graphics in 3D


Pictures are taken from the paper “Precise Registration of 3D Models To Images by Swarming Particles” \ J. Liebelt and K. Schertler.

Project Description:

Although our world is three-dimensional, we traditionally use 2D images to describe it. Recently the field of 3D model creation is being widely explored. This leads to a problem of connection the two worlds, namely registration between artificial 3D model and ordinary 2D images.
Solving a 3D-to-2D registration problem has several interesting application. First, it can aid exact and natural texture mapping, helping to describe the scene better. Second, it allows higher quality 3D pose estimation for the objects in the images. Finally, it enables a photo-realistic exploration of the available model.
In this project we will learn and implement several methods for 3D-to-2D registration. We will test those implementations on scenes with a single object and on more complicated multiple object scenes.

Project Goal:

In this project we will develop algorithm and create an application.

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Dmitry Rudoy

  2. Field:
    Computer Graphics in 3D
  3. Requirements:
    Image Processing and Analysis (046200), preferably learnt before
  4. Project status:
    Taken by the students Ariel Levkovitch and Eti Predo
  5. Visit:
    Project web site
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