Hand Gesture Classification Using Depth Information

Computer Graphics in 3-Dimensions


Project Description:

Interaction with personal computers has become one of the most common and trivial tasks in our everyday life.
But despite the huge advances in computer hardware, the interaction itself has not changed much since the invention of the mouse.
In this project, we develop a much more intuitive system for human-computer interaction. The system uses hand gestures to recognize the human input.
While there is a variety of applications for such a system, ranging from computer games to electronic artwork, we chose to focus on sign language recognition.



Project Goal:

In this project we employ a new technology to solve the aforementioned issue. We use an innovative range + video sensor developed by 3DV Systems. The sensors provide the standard RGB video information with additional range information from the camera to the observed objects. The range data allows us to considerably enhance the identification of separate fingers, which is almost impossible with the standard RGB technologies.

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Michael Kolomnkin
    Phone: 04-8295741
    Email: cgm_lab@ee.technion.ac.il
  2. Field:
    Computer Graphics in 3-Dimensions
  3. Requirements:
    C++/Matlab Programming, Image Processing.
  4. Project status:
    Taken by the students Aviad Barzilai and Adi Fuchs
  5. Visit:
    Project web site
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