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Second Life Viewer Project
                                                                                                      spring 2009
The project

Since the Internet appeared in our lives, people tried to create an alternative personality over the waves. In our project we will try to bring those two personalities a bit closer to each other.

The projects goals:

1. Compile the Second Life Viewer open source code.

2. To understand the structure of the source code.

3. Find and Change the functions which control the Avatar's appearance.

The source code was successfully compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
for further information about the compilation  check  our booklet in chapter 2.

2. We have found several ways to control the Avatar's appearance:
       -  TGA files
       -  Avatar_Skeleton.xml
       -  Avatar_lad.xml

Alex Kadner & Yehuda Barel
4th year students for Electrical Engineering B.Sc.
For further information about the second life viewer and our project, check the following links:

Project booklet


Second Life Wiki
a vital source of information

Technion 2009