Animating Animal Motion from Still
Computer Vision


Project Description:

Even though the temporal information is lost, a still picture of moving animals hints at their motion. In this project, we infer motion cycle of animals from the "motion snapshots" (snapshots of different individuals) captured in a still picture. By finding the motion path in the graph connecting motion snapshots, we can infer the order of motion snapshots with respect to time, and hence the motion cycle.

Project Goal:

To animate an animal from a still photo

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Hayley Binia Wolman
    Phone: 04-8295741
  2. Field:
    Computer Vision
  3. Requirements:
    Good programming skill
  4. Project status:
    Taken by the students Shahar Ben Ezra and Saar Nakibli
  5. Visit:
    Project web site
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