A Fast Triangle to Triangle Intersection Test for Collision Detection
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We present an algorithm that for a given simple non-convex polygon P finds an approximate inner-cover by large convex polygons. The algorithm is based on an initial partitioning of P into a set C of disjoint convex polygons which are an exact tessellation of P. The algorithm then builds a set of large convex polygons contained in P by constructing the convex hulls of subsets of C. We discuss different strategies for selecting the subsets and we claim that in most cases our algorithm produces an effective approximation of P. .
This code is based on the following paper (with some small modifications): Tropp, Ayellet Tal, and Ilan Shimshoni, "A Fast Triangle to Triangle Intersection Test for Collision Detection", Animation and Virtual Worlds, Volume 17, Issue 5, December 2006, 527-535. Please cite this work if you use our software

The code in this website is for demo purposes only. Individuals or academic institutes are free to use this code as long as they acknowledge its use. Commercial licensing is managed by the Technion Industry Liaison Office. Please contact Hovav Gazit for details.

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