Mesh Colorization
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This paper proposes a novel algorithm for colorization of meshes. This is important for applications in which the model needs to be colored by just a handful of colors or when no relevant image exists for texturing the model. For instance, archaeologists argue that the great Roman or Greek statues were full of color in the days of their creation, and traces of the original colors can be found. In this case, our system lets the user scribble some desired colors in various regions of the mesh. Colorization is then formulated as a constrained quadratic optimization problem, which can be readily solved. Special care is taken to avoid color bleeding between regions, through the definition of a new direction field on meshes.
Eurographics 2012
This code is based on the following paper (with some small modifications):
  1. G. Leifman and A. Tal, "Mesh Colorization", Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS) Volume 31, Issue 2, 2012.
Please cite this work if you use our software

The code in this website is for demo purposes only. Individuals or academic institutes are free to use the models generated using this version as long as they acknowledge its use. Commercial licensing is managed by the Technion Industry Liaison Office. Please contact Hovav Gazit for details.

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