Major Courses
Electro Optical Systems
Course Number:   046249
Optical signal processing: Coherent optical systems. Optical Fourier transform and imaging. Holography and spatial filtering. Optical signal processing. Theory of coherence. Hybrid, optical-digital systems. Optical information storage. Optical measuring methods and systems: Interferometry. Holographic interferometry. Range finder. Optical gyroscope. Laser Doppler velocity meter.
Computer Graphics
Course Number:   046345
Computer graphics and its applications: Input and interaction, raster graphics and scan conversion, quantization, image models and composition, 2 and 3 dimensional transformations, curve representation hidden surface removal, color models and shading.
Analysis and Recognition of Video Data
Course Number:   048921
This course will deal with methods for analyzing and interpreting the contents of video data, by reviewing existing state-of-the-art approaches and algorithms.  The methods will be explored through their usage in real-world applications such as automatic navigation of vehicles or robots, visual summarization of video clips, special effects in movies or search in visual data bases such as YouTube.  Topic that will be explored: feature detection in video, motion estimation, video mosaics, video synthesis, recognizing objects, detecting people and action recognition. 
Visualization and Animation
Course Number:   049003
Surface reconstruction, volume visulization (voxels), scientific visulization, algorithm animation, graph drawing, information visualization, topics in computational geometry and their uses in animation, path planning, collision detection, metamporphosis, surface decomposition, facial animation.
Imaging Systems for Computer Vision
Course Number:   049034
topics: physical effects happening in the scene and in the imaging system. imaging sensors and image analysis algirithms that help computer and human vision, advanced image processing tools for the imaging communities.omnidirectional vision, high-dyamic-range and compensation for camera nonlinerities, image fusion, contribution of video sequences and image mosaics, multispectral imaging, vision in general and unknown lighting, imaging through scattering media, explotation of the wave-nature of light, optical microscopy,tracking.
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