Content Aware Rotation
Computer Vision


Project Description:

Casually shot photos can appear tilted, and are often corrected by rotation and cropping. This trivial solution may remove desired content and hurt image integrity. Instead of doing rigid rotation, we will implement a warping method that creates the perception of rotation and avoids cropping. Human vision studies suggest that the perception of rotation is mainly due to horizontal/vertical lines. We will implement an optimization-based method that preserves the rotation of horizontal/vertical lines, maintains the completeness of the image content, and reduces the warping distortion. An efficient algorithm is developed to address the challenging optimization.

Project Goal:

In this project we will develop and implement an application.

Project Details:
  1. Supervisor:
    Hovav Gazit

  2. Field:
    Computer Vision
  3. Requirements:
    Open mind & High engineering ability
  4. Project status:
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