Studies have shown that ultrasound waves can promote bone healing and reduce the healing time by 38 to 80 percent, depending on the fracture’s type.
The common cast prevents access to the skin which makes this technology unusable. In addition, the old cast can be heavy, stinky and itchy and is not waterproof.
In this project we took two photos of a hand from two different angles, analyzed the received data, designed and printed a 3D model of a custom cast that enabled the usage of the ultrasound technology for accelerating fracture healing. The new cast is also lighter, waterproof and airy.


We took two photos of the broken hand using our personal cellphone's camera.

We used segmentation techniques to seperate the hand from the background.

We researched the hand's anatomy in order to extract features that helped us create an approximate model of the cast.

Then, we punctured holes using various patterns in the model to allow the use of the ultrasound technology.

Finally, we added a locking mechanism so the cast can be easily closed and opened when necessary.

The model is complete.

Here are a few other examples:

After the model was complete, we split it into two halves and printed it using a 3D printer.
This is the final result:

Technical Details

For technical details please check out the download section.

The project was conducted at the Laboratory of Computer Graphics & Multimedia, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion: