Droid In The Wall

A User-Interface Cross-Platform Experience


"Droid in the Wall" (Hereinafter: DITW) is a cross-platform computer game similar to the crazy Japanese game shows called Brain Wall and Hole in the Wall.

The game consists of two players each playing a unique role, and taking turns while doing so. Player A, while holding an android operated machine, using the game's Android interface, draws a shape (or several shapes) that has to abide by certain constrains, as depicted in the figure.

The image outline is then transferred to a host server with a Microsoft Kinect camera via TCP/IP connection, and is presented on the screen for a short while, giving the effect of "getting closer". The outline of Player B is also shown on screen. Player B then attempts to insert as much of his body as possible into the shape, and after a few seconds a score is presented based on the player's relative success.

Player A's platform was programmed in Java for Android 4.1. Player B's platform was programmed in C# using the Microsoft Kinect interface.

Tomer Stark, tstark@gmail.com

Yuval Gonczarowski, ygoncho@gmail.com


Project Supervisor: Hovav Gazit

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