This project deals with the problem of navigating a vehicle through a map. The purpose of the project is to create an automatic arrival map to a selected destination.


When a person wants to reach a certain destination in an area he is not familiar with, he has to plan the route in advance. This problem is especially common among people who want to reach an event or a business place.

Arrival to a distanced destination that is located inside an urban area starts with driving on a motorway and continues through urban terrain until reaching the destination. The arrival map will only show the driver the relevant roads needed for him to reach his final destination.


This project offers the user the most convenient way to navigate to his destination. The user has to pinpoint both his origin and his destination and the algorithm will plot the shortest route on the map based on distance. If the user is interested in a destination map, the algorithm will plot all possible routes from the central intersections to the destination and vice versa in order to enable him to go just an easy way back.

Automatic Generation of Destination Maps