The photograph can be a source of intellectual and emotional stimulation to the human mind. As with other visual media, artists have studied and perfected the techniques of photographing scenes, so that the result would be deemed aesthetic by the viewer.

Photo composition is one of the key competencies that distinguish the professional photographers from the amateurs. Over the course of the last decade, digital cameras have become ubiquitous and elaborate, automating and simplifying the photography process to a swipe of a finger. We believe that the automatic digital camera can be extended to advise photographers how to hold the camera so that they may capture the scene with optimal compositional value.


We present an automatic system, which upon the input of an image, estimates and evaluates the compositional components of the photograph and produces a suggestion to the system’s user, in the form of simple camera movements. We believe that the system produces satisfactory results (in both aspects of accuracy and performance) and that it may serve as a prototype for similar mobile platform applications.