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Text Box: Projectís Goal
The user selects an untrimmed plant, and places it in the systemís pot.
ďGizmoĒ system creates a 3D model of the plant, and offers the user a variety of models for trimming the plant (such as sphere, heart etc.).
The user selects a model, and ďGizmoĒ trims the plant accordingly.
Hardware Architecture
System is comprised of:
PrimeSense (Kinect) - for acquiring depth images.
Robotic arm - Mitsubishi RV-E3J with Secateurs payload for plan trimming.
Servo unit - PTU-46-17 for the plantís pot mounting rotation.
PC - for H.W. controller. Implemented in Matlab.
Software Architecture
Calibration - calibrating robotic arm and Kinect.
3D model generator - Generate plant 3D model using Visual Hull algorithm.
Optimal Reference Selector - Finds optimal  model parameters using Gradient Descent.
Cut Modules -  Generate cutting orders for the robotic arm by creating triangles from the reference model using Marching Cubes algorithm.