Text Box:                  Comics From Video
Text Box: In this project we take a video clip and locate the frames which represent the video to the fullest extent. As a matter of fact, we can now create a comic strip without even watching the video! All the user needs to do is enter a video clip and number of requested frames and our program will do the rest!
In the project there are three main parts:
Finding the “cuts” between “shots”. 
In each cut find the frames which most represent that specific “shot”.
Locate from all of the frames selected in part 2 the number of frames      initially requested which most represent the clip.
Please read in our project book how we dealt with each stage.
Contact us:
Amos Choory: amos-cho@hotmail.com           Stephen Taragin: stephen.taragin@gmail.com
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Presentation
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Poster
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Project Book
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Source Code
Text Box: Amos Choory & Stephen Taragin
Directed by Dmitry Rudoy
Lab Engineer Hovav Gazit